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HNFNU Holds Installation Ceremony of Its New Vice-President for Legal and Regulatory Affairs

On the afternoon of December 8th, HNFNU held the installation ceremony of Zhang Man, chief of Lugu Police Department, as the new vice-president for legal and regulatory affairs, aiming at heightening the moral sense of and promoting the legal literacy of HNFNU students and faculty, so as to construct a safe campus. President Tong Xiaojiao, vice-president Jiang Rong and officers from Lugu police station in the high-tech zone attended the ceremony, which was presided by Jiang.

At the ceremony, Tong presented an appointment letter to Zhang, who then expressed his sincerity and determination in the construction of a better HNFNU.

On behalf of HNFNU, Jiang extended her thanks to Lugu police station for its great support on the publicity and education of legal system and personal safety, the security service for major events, the environment improvement at the campus and areas around, and dealing with emergencies. She also expected intent on further cooperation in maintaining the safety of HNFNU and its surroundings.

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