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HNFNU Students Win Awards in Multiple Academic Contests

Recently, the results of two academic competitions were revealed, including the 2021 Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM-2021) and the 13th Chinese Mathematics Competitions (CMC), also the 2021 Hunan University Students Mathematics Competition. HNFNU students won 1 national first prize, 1 national second prize, and 8 provincial prizes in CUMCM. Meanwhile, 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes, and 15 third prizes of the preliminary contest of the 13th CMC (Class B) were presented to HNFNU students. It was the third time for HNFNU students to win the national first prize of CUMCM after 2019 and 2020. Only 3 universities in Hunan had won the national first prizes for three successive years.

CUMCM, an annually held competition founded in 1992, is among the first 19 academic contests included in the ranklist of college academic contests. This year, over 140,000 students of 49529 teams (45075 undergraduate teams and 4454 junior college teams) from 1566 colleges or campuses from countries like China, U.S., and Malaysia signed up for the contest. 36 HNFNU students of 12 teams from the School of Mathematics and Statistics participated in it, among which 8 teams (66.7% of the total) won awards, whose level of awards and award-winning rate excelled in the province. CMC is a national high-level academic contest for the undergraduates, requiring the contesters to be theoretically strong for tough questions. This year, the number and level of the awards won by HNFNU students also ranked top among the universities of the same level in the province.

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