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Vice Governor Xie Weijiang: Write a Good Story of HNFNU

On the morning of November 8, Xie Weijiang, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, was briefed on HNFNU’s work in recent years and strategies for development in a meeting held in the provincial government building. The meeting was also attended by Jiang Changzhong and Xia Zhilun, Director and Vice Director of the Provincial Department of Education, Luo Chengyi, Party Committee Secretary of HNFNU, Peng Xiaohui, Vice President of HNFNU, and cohosts from the Provincial Department of Education.

On behalf of HNFNU, Luo introduced the university’s basic information, features, and development plans: Firstly, HNFNU had set up “One Vision&Four Goals”, a four-pronged development strategy, striving to become a distinctive pedagogical university in 10 to 15 years. While continuing to focus on teacher education, especially on the cultivation of primary school teachers, the university would branch out to the development of interdisciplinary education and the cultivation of other types of teachers. Secondly, HNFNU had worked out the “Fourteenth 5-Year Plan”, initiating 16 projects and 22 reforms in 6 categories. Thirdly, HNFNU would improve its overall infrastructure and invest 40 million yuan to improve the learning and living conditions for the faculty and students. Moreover, Luo reported HNFNU’s difficulties in developing its master programs and further constructing the campus infrastructure.

Jiang Changzhong, Xia Zhilun, and the cohosts spoke in turn, proclaiming they would continue supporting HNFNU in developing its master programs and provide help for upgrading the campus facilities in the future.

After listening to the report, Xie Weijiang said the “One Vision&Four Goals” development strategy and the “Fourteenth 5-Year Plan” are of great foresight, accurate positioning, clear objective, and practical measures. He hoped the university leaders would emancipate their minds, deepen the reforms, and achieve the goals one after another. Meanwhile, he praised the measures to solve the problems that are concerned about and improve the campus learning and living conditions are powerful, practical, and effective. Thus the university was expected to carry them on and implement them well.

Xie also emphasized the university should seize the opportunities in the year of 2023, writing a good story of HNFNU and strengthening the construction of its essential structure, so as to make greater contributions to building a modernized Hunan.

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