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HNFNU Holds Exhibition of 2021 Summer Vacation Volunteer Program

On October 28, HNFNU held an exhibition of this summer’s student volunteer program.

18 volunteer teams lined up on both sides of the Central Axis Square at the event. To better display their achievements in supporting education, policy popularization, cultural services and historical observations in underprivileged rural areas, the teams arranged their display boards, posters, promotional videos and brochures on site. Among the exhibits are the rural children’s ethnic handicrafts displayed by the team from the School of Art and Design and a huge scroll of painting showed by the team from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, which was cocreated by the rural children to demonstrate their love for their motherland. The exhibition deepened the audience's understanding of the program and fostered their interest in volunteer work.

This summer, 366 HNFNU students, grouped in 17 teams and led by 17 teachers, went to remote villages within and beyond Hunan province to carry out 12 to 18 days of volunteer work involving culture, science&technology, and public health. This program has benefited nearly 80 classes and more than 2,000 rural children.

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