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HNFNU Obtains Record-brekaing Results in the 7th Teaching Skills Competition for College Students in Hunan Province

On October 23, the 7th Teaching Skills Competition for College Students in Hunan Province was held at Hengyang Normal University. All 10 participants of HNFNU won awards, including 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 2 third prizes, and the university won the “Excellent Organization Award”, the best result ever in this competition. This demonstrated these HNFNU students’remarkable competencies and skills as would-be educators.

Hosted by Hunan Provincial Education Department and organized by Hengyang Normal University, the competition is aimed at pushing through the reform of talent training modes and teaching practice in higher education, so as to cultivate educators with greater vocational skills, teaching competencies and employment competitiveness. The contestants were given 5 demanding tasks to test their teaching skills, professional competencies and knowledge of the subjects they taught: lesson design (activity design), multimedia instructional material making, quiz on education, mock lesson and blackboard writing (instruction and board writing), with test questions drawn on site. They were divided into three groups: preschool education, primary education and secondary education, and HNFNU students participated in the first two groups.

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