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Acting Mayor of Shannan, Tibet, Visits Teachers and Students of Tibetan Teacher Education Program

On the afternoon of September 26, Ciren Pingcuo (the acting mayor of Shannan, Tibet), Yang Chang (the director of the ninth batch of Hunan task force to assist Tibet and the executive vice-mayor of Shannan), Zhao Min (the general secretary of the people’s government of Shannan Municipality), and their entourage visited the teachers and students of Shannan Teacher Education Program on the Chengnan Campus of HNFNU.

Tibetan teacher Guoci, dorm teacher Duojin, and two student representatives presented membes of the delegation with Hada, a ceremonial scarf in Tibetan tradition, to extend their warmest welcome and wishes. President Tong Xiaojiao introduced the history and tradition of HNFNU and offered detailed information about the Shannan program in terms of its mode of study, management mode and achievements. In a classroom, Ciren Pingcuo was met by Tibetan teachers and students, who welcomed the guests from their hometown with song and dance. At the reception, Mr. Ciren had a friendly chat with the students on their study and daily lives.

During the visit, Ciren Pingcuo delivered his deepest gratitude and highest respect for the strong support of Hunan government and HNFNU. The acting mayor was gratified to see the growth of the students. He pointed out the transformative change of Tibet and urged upon the students the need to cherish this hard-won opportunity and to take advantage of their access to decent education for self-improvement, so as to make contributions to a new Tibet after graduation.

Tong Xiaojiao inspired the students of Shannan program to keep firmly in mind the exhortation of their hometown leaders study hard and improve their skills so as to promote the education in Tibet.

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