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Unveiling Ceremony: the Founding of Standard Chinese Language Promotion Base at HNFNU

On the morning of October 31, HNFNU held an unveiling ceremony to mark the founding of its Standard Chinese Language Promotion Base as well as the opening ceremony for an online demonstration training session to promote standard Chinese language in Zhaoping, Guangxi (a county receiving focused support from the natioanl rural revitalization program).

On the opening ceremony,vice president Zhou Faming delivered a speech on behalf of the university. He introduced HNFNU’s tradition in the research and promotion of language education, and pointed out that effectively popularizing standard Chinese language is the basic language policy of China. Therefore, the demonstration program, aimed at improving standard Chinese level of the locals across the underprivileged counties receiving government support, is of great significance.

On the unveiling ceremony, the head of Hunan Language Training and Testing Center addressed the audience. He highly appreciated HNFNU’s effort and contribution in promoting and popularizing standard Chinese language, and pointed out that with the base, HNFNU is supposed to serve as an example in leading the promotion of standard Chinese language.

In his remarks, Zhou Faming said the university will continue giving play to its tradition and advantage in language and culture studies, aspring to make the Chinese language promotion base a nationally recognized one, and provide intellectual support for the national development strategy and the work of the language center.

Towards the end of the ceremony, president Tong Xiaojiao expressed her great expectations for the base, and put forward several requirements. First, the base should strengthen its talent reservoir building, arranging exchange of scholars and experts with other institutions. Second, the base should pay equal attention to the work of written Chinese and spoken Chinese, strengthening research in fields of calligraphy and so on. Third, the base should go deep into the research of Mao Zedong’s rhetoric and the achievements of linguistic studies by HNFNU’s famous alumni such as Li Jinxi, Yang Shuda and so on. Fourth, the base should extend its influence to other fields, combining rural revitalization policy with language, education, and culture in a more powerful way, so as to contribute to the prosperity of the country and well-being of the people.

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