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HNFNU Holds Event to Promote Projects of the Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

On the afternoon of September 23, HNFNU held a promotion event for the 2nd batch of student entrepreneurship projects in 2021 on the Dongfanghong Campus, with the aim of attracting more projects to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. Vice President Jiang Rong attended the event.

In her remarks, Jiang illustrated the purpose and significance of innovative and entrepreneurial activities for college students,  introduced the newly built Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and expressed HNFNU’s devotion to students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. She hoped that the center could invite more graduates with outstanding entrepreneurial achievements to share their experience, and encouraged the project teams to combine their expertise with practice, in order to enhance their innovative thinking and entrepreneurial abilities. Finally, President Jiang put forward several requirements, hoping to further improve the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship with the joint efforts of the university, colleges, project instructors and students.

After that, Dr. Wu Jiaqiang, a judge of China College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, gave a lecture with the theme of “take adventures and make innovations”. He introduced to the teachers and project team members the theme and rules of the “Internet+” competition, the topic and logic of the project, the team building and collaboration, and the projects’ market potential, competition threshold and other issues. In the following roadshow, representatives of each shortlisted team presented their projects, on which the jury made comments, providing constructive advice for the implementation and sustainability of the projects, and communicated with the project managers and instructors.

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