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Hunan Education Department Director Celebrates Children's Day with Students in Primary School Affiliated to HNFNU

On May 28th, Jiang Changzhong , Director of the Education Department of Hunan Province, along with his delegation, visited NO.2 Primary School Affiliated to HNFNU to celebrate Children’s Day with the students.

Accompanied by school leaders, Director Jiang and the delegation toured the campus while being informed about the school’s basic information, and highly praised its achievements.

The delegation were then guided by student representatives to visit the wall of celebrities. Upon hearing the arrival of Director Jiang, students from Class 2, Grade 5 invited him to play basketball with them. “When I was a child, there was no such condition for PE classes, let alone professional basketball training,” said Director Jiang. He encouraged the students to cherish learning opportunities and take an active part in exercising for good health.

Afterwards, Jiang and the delegation celebrated the upcoming International Children’s Day with students from Class 4, Grade 4. They watched the rehearsal of the students’ performances for the festival and took photos with them, conveying their greetings and best wishes to the children.

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