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Packed “Love” for Campus "Beauticians"

At lunchtime on May 11, a group of student volunteers from the School of Foreign Languages of HNFNU were packing delicious lunches  in the kitchen of the university canteen. The meal would later be placed in the hands of the campus "beauticians" ─ cleaners and security guards of the university ─ as a tribute to the contributions and hard work of the staff.

Earlier that day, the volunteers purchased ingredients and lunch boxes, and cooked lunch in the canteen kitchen. After boxing the food, they embarked on the journey of conveying love and warmth. With words like "Thanks for your hard work”, they handed steaming lunches to the school cleaners and security guards.

“They worked for long hours everyday and devote themselves to keeping the campus clean and tidy. We really appreciate their efforts and hope the lunch boxes can bring our gratitude to them,” said Zhen’gan Zhou, a student from English Class 841, Grade 2020.

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