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HNFNU Student Wins First Prize in CMC Finals

From April 17th to 18th, the finals of the 11th Chinese Mathematics Competitions (CMC) was held at Wuhan University. After fierce competition with excellent entrants from THU, PKU, Fudan University, and other top universities in China,Yuan Ou-yang, a HNFNU student from the School of Mathematics and Computer, won the first prize for senior mathematics majors, becoming a new record holder of HNFNU.

The preliminaries attracted 170,787 competitors from 849 universities, 605 of whom (from 204 universities in 31 divisions) went through to the finals. Yuan Ou-yang made it to the national finals ranking NO.1 among mathematics majors (Class B) in Hunan Division. The finalists were divided into three groups——senior mathematics majors, junior mathematics majors, and other majors. In the end, 120 first prizes (45 of them to senior mathematics majors), 187 second prizes and 241 third prizes were awarded.

CMC was started in 2009, and has now become one of the most influential high-level academic competitions for undergraduates. The number of universities participating in CMC this year increased by 8%, which showed its growing impact.

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