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HNFNU Spring Career Fair Paves the Way for Students’ Future Career

HNFNU hosted its Spring Career Fair for 2021 graduates on the Dongfanghong Campus on April 9th. The career fair attracted 200 employers, providing over 10,000 positions in 16 industries, covering areas of education, culture, technology, administration, ect. About 1,800 graduates attended to seek jobs, more than 400 of whom have reached initial agreement with the employers on the spot.

In order to boost employment among the graduates, this year HNFNU presented companies that better match the needs and specialties of the graduates to enhance their chance of getting jobs they were looking for. And to ensure the safety of the attendees, the event was carefully arranged according to the rules to contain the spread of COVID 19.

Students attending the fair said it not only made their job-hunting easier, but also gave them a clearer understanding of the current trend in the job market.

There are 4,072 HNFNU graduates from 29 departments in 2021, 1,867 of whom are non-publicly funded. The success of the fair has greatly promoted employment among HNFNU’s 2021 graduates.

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