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HNFNU Kicks off its First International Cooperation Program of Technological Innovation

Recently, Hunan Cooperation Program of International Technological Innovation For Teacher Education Informatization, led by Liu Liqun, professor of HNFNU Education Science School, has been listed among the 10 province-level cooperation programs of international technological innovation, constituting a historic breakthrough for HNFNU.

This program, centering on pivotal disciplines and cross-disciplinary technologies in the domain of teacher education informatization, aspires to promote the cause with the Influence of HNFNU’s partners, such as Edge Hill University (UK), Mount Royal University (Canada), Niagara University (US), Ulyanovsk Normal University (Russia), and Hong Kong Baptist University, in the educational community, and the university’s outstanding teacher education. Its goal is to start a virtuous circle across the province, even across the nation, in terms of interaction, coordination and development in this field, and to reshape Hunan’s teacher education, especially primary teacher education, by fostering full-spectrum innovation in “smart teaching” technologies.

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