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Think Big: HNFNU Holds Forum on Excellent Teachers Cultivation Program

On the afternoon of January 13th, HNFNU held a forum on the Runzhi Program, a pioneer program that was named after Mao Zedong, the founding father of PRC, and has recruited its first class of students from 2 national-level programs of HNFNU ─ primary education and mathematics&applied mathematics, with the aim of cultivating first-class primary school teachers, pushing through sweeping reform and innovation in teacher education of the university, and improving the quality of teacher education on all fronts.

In this session, Tong Xiaojiao, president of HNFNU, and Jiang Zhengyun, vice president of HNFNU, stressed the purpose and significance of the program, and expressed their hopes for the students, encouraging them to “think big and learn hard ” to pave the way for becoming movers and shakers in the field of education.

Mentor representatives briefed the progress that had been made and experience that had been gained in the past semester, and proposed suggestions for training all-around would-be primary school teachers.

Student representatives talked about their experiences and acquirement in this semester. The“Runzhi Program”served as an effective platform for learning and discussions, which had greatly expanded their horizon, made them become more active and self-reflective learners , and sparked their aspiration to become teachers and educators in the future, they said.

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