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HNFNU Enhances Cooperation with Corporations

From December 27th to 28th, a HNFNU delegation led by Dr. Tong Xiaojiao, president of HNFNU, and Dr. Cao Xing, vice president of HNFNU, visited Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, to cement partnerships with corporations based in this dynamic city in southern China.  

The delegation was met by the executives of these companies, who highly praised HNFNU graduates and interns for their work performance and career planning.

In her remarks, Tong stressed the importance of strengthening ties with corporations. Through a closer partnership, the university can be better informed of the companies’ criteria for assessing its students, and  develop featured curriculum to cultivate talents that better cater to demands of enterprises, so as to navigate the direction of and lay the foundation for further cooperation in the future, she said. HNFNU seeks to broaden the spectrum of cooperation and establish more diversified forms of partnership with enterprises, which are more direct and sensitive responders to social demands, added Cao.

Also on the agenda of this delegation’s sojourn was an in-depth interview with HNFNU graduates and students, who are differently placed within the professional hierarchy in these companies, from interns to senior management.

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