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2018 Chinese Classics Chanting Final Contest Held in HFNU

On the evening of October 25th, the final of the 2018 Chinese Classics Chanting Contest and the preliminary of the 2nd Chinese Classics Poetry Chanting Contest for all students are held at the Tian Han theatre .The activity is hosted by the School Language Committee, organized by office of academic affairs, co-organized by CCYL committee and all schools .The headmaster Tong is present.

Jiang rong, a state-level Putonghua tester, and seven other experts served as the final judges.

The competition is divided into preliminary, quarter-final and final .After the preliminary contest, 10 groups from each schools are qualified for the final contest. Contestants read so confidence and enthusiasm. The programs performed by them are superb ,which show us their patriotic sentiment and the charm of the Chinese culture.

Finally, there are 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes, 4 third prizes and 6 excellent organization prizes selected.

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