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Vice-president Liu Yu Gives Lecture on Entrance Education

On the evening of September 27th, Liu Yu , the vice-president, gives an education lecture for the freshmen of the Physical Education Institute in the video conference room of Dong fanghong campus, and the lecture is presided by Huang Yizhu, the dean of the Physical Education Institute. Yuan Xiangrong, the Secretary of Party General Branch of the Physical Education Institute , Zhu Jianwei, the associate dean, Zhu Ya, the deputy secretary, teachers and freshmen attend the lecture.

Liu introduces the history and the specialities of our university, especially the characteristics in Physical Education, aims of student cultivation and the teachers in the School of Physical Education, combining the current reality of the university. He points out that HNFNU is a university with a long history, profound culture and abundant talents, which has made great contributions to the cause of education , liberation and socialist construction of the Chinese people. We should be proud to study here. Mao Zedong used to learn here, and his ways of learning and the ideas of keeping fit are worth learning and inheriting. In the end, he combines his own life experience and perception to put forward high expectations for freshmen, including being ambitious, patriotic and filial, and being constant with learning and practicing.

It is a spiritual enjoyment for the students of Physical Education for the lecture's abundant and profound content And it gives directions and goals clearly for the freshmen and also strengthens their confidence in a new journey of a university life.

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