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HNFNU National Training Plan (2018) End

On October 21st, the second and third batches of national training plan (2018) containing the deep learning training class for primary and secondary school teachers training team in the country or rural areas on primary English teaching held by our school completed successfully.

60 on-the-job primary school English teachers from all over the Hunan Province have finished the 11 day’s learning tasks in HNFNU. They will come back to their positions with ample acquirements and put what they have learnt teaching practice.

Based on the theme and the goal of the training,and the requirements of the learners, the training team prepares 15 lectures and case studies, and also invites professors and students to come to our alliance primary school to appreciate 3 lessons of English.

During the excellent example class in the Minghua Bilingual Primary School in Changsha Gaoxin area and the Lugu Primary School, the leaners take part in commenting the class actively.

On October 20th,4 experts from the national educational of Hunan Province spend a whole day making integrated comments on this program. Every learner attaches high importance and makes a full preparation for it to show individual researching achievement. The experts speaks highly of the achievements by the learners and recommend Li Ronglin, Yin Yufan, Wang Xiaofang, Jiang Lanfeng, Yang Xiaomei and Xie Lianlian joined the outstanding national training experts campo of the province.

In the course-completion ceremony, Liuxiangqing, the dean of the Foreign Language School makes a conclusion about this training and thanks for all the participants and shows his willing for the learners to put the new theory and new methods have learned from the training to the teaching practice.

Students suggest that this training of advanced teaching theory and rich observations of teaching practice activities help them widen their visions, give endless power, and encourage them to get better grades in primary English teaching.

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