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HFNU Holds the 2018 Award Ceremony of New Hualian Student Assistance

On the afternoon of Nov.16, the 2018 Award Ceremony ofNew Hualian Student Assistancewas held at TianHan theatre. More than 1000 people attended this ceremony. It started with the resonant national anthem. Tong Xiao Jiao, the HFNU ´s president, delivered an enthusiastic speech.

In her speech, she extended a warm welcome to Mr. Yang, expressed heartfelt thanks to New Hualian Group and congratulated the students who won the award warmly.

Then,Liu Yu announcedthe Decision on the Recognition of the Winners of the New Hualian Student Assistance Award in 2018.After that, the guests fromNew Hualian Groupand school leaders awarded prizes and certificates to students who won the award. And, Liao Xinxin, made a speech as the representative of students.

At last, Mr. Yang delivered a speech. To inspire and motive each other, Yang Yunhui talked about three points of qualities: to be confident, to have self-esteem and to be self-reliant.After the ceremony, Mr. Yang had a panel discussion with the award-winning students at the conference room.

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