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HFNU Launches Activity with Municipal Quyi Association

On November 24,in order to enrich the spare time of teachers and students andmake them taste theinfinite charmof traditional Quyi (Chinese folk art forms)closely,the president and secretary-general of the Quyi Associationof HFNU and four students of Yuexin Quyi Society go to the Hunan Laughter Workshop.Theywatch the performance,communicate withproduction team and actors, andnegotiatewith thesecretary-generalof MunicipalQuyiAssociationabout holding aQuyi Knowledgelecture in HFNU.

The performance kicked offwith the program ofyoungcrosstalkcomediansatHunanLaughter Workshop,and some expertspresentwonderful programs. After that, the members of the Quyi Associationof HFNUand the starringand production teamofHunanLaughter Workshop explored how Quyitosurvive and develop in universities,and how to achieve the cooperation between HFNU and MunicipalQuyiAssociation.So that the students of HFNU would comprehend ,love and prosper the traditional Quyi.

The president of Quyi Associationof HFNU Zhang Zhihuaand the Secretary-General of Municipal Quyi AssociationLidan,reach an agreement that the special lecture will launch at HFNU in mid-December.The lecture aims at makingteachers and studentstaste the charm of traditional Quyi and set the cornerstone of Quyi development at HFNU.

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