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HFNU Holds 2018 Teaching Rookies Activity

On Nov 21stto 22nd, HFNU holds 2018Teaching RookiesActivity in Dong Fanghong Campus. Through strict primary election, 11 candidates are recommended to attend this activity. Jiang Zhengyun, the vice president, and all the representatives attend the activity and give some guidance.

The Teaching Rookie Competition is the crucial part ofConstruction Month of Teaching and LearningActivity, which tightly connects with the theme---Cultivating Students´ Good Character and Improving Teachers’ Educational Quality .In this competition, using Future Classroom and Rain Class contributes to improve teachers´ability of using information skills universally. After severe selection and comprehensive evaluation, experts pick out 4 teaching rookies from the 11 candidates.

In order to strengthen the high quality view experience, this competition´s live broadcast transmits to the classroom. The activity attracts a large number of teachers to watch the live broadcast. It shows a wonderful teaching show, and encourages the communication among the teachers. At the same time, it also gives an impetus for teachers to promote their professional proficiency and class teaching.

说明: http://www.hnfnu.edu.cn/__local/8/83/51/15B656BCDA170147861D42DA58D_E0744D95_10287.jpg

说明: http://www.hnfnu.edu.cn/__local/E/2F/4A/DF1438B03FD7C9AF82475C8BA3E_DDF81E10_190B8.jpg

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