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Return visit to our School from Dr.Xu Shenglang of Hong Kong Institute of Education

On the afternoon of the January20th, Dr.Xu Shenglang, head of the Greater China Region Office of Hong Kong Institute of Education, along with his delegation pays a return visit to our school, having a discussion with our principal Xiao Xiangyu on the exchanges of staffmembers and students between two schools.

Accompanied by the assistant dean Zhang Keping of School of Education Science, Dr.Xu and his colleagues visit several labs including the fundamental psychology lab of School of Education Science, physics lab, earth and space scientific labs. Later, principal Xiao, vice principal Tong Xiaojiao and heads of several departments have a discussion with guests in the conference room of Administration Building, covering future cooperation as well as exchanges. Principal Xiao says that with the common ground between us, the space of cooperation in areas such as teacher training, teaching researches and students development is huge. Dr.Xu says that he is glad to see more and more exchanges between the two and he hopes that we will launch summer vacation students exchange projects and short-term teachers training programs.

Hong Kong Institute of Education, being the only normal school among the eight universities in Hong Kong, has had long-term cooperation with Beijing Normal University and Northeast Normal University. Vice president Tong Xiaojiao and a delegation paid a visit to Hong Kong Education College in November, 2014, establishing the preliminary cooperation relations between two universities. Dr.Xu Shenglang's return visit strengthens the friendship, promotes future exchanges and studies of teachers and students.

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