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Professor Wu Chunfu Gave a Lecture in Our School As Invited

To promote research activities, encourage more participations in researches and have more high-quality art scientific and research projects, on the afternoon of January13th, Scientific Research Office invited Professor Wu Chunfu, doctoral supervisor of College of Music of Hunan Normal University, to give a lecture on “The Confusion and Countermeasure of Art Scientific and Research Work” in Room 303 of the College of Music and Dancing.With Liao Xiaomang, the vice dean of School of Music and Dancing as the host of the lecture, the deputy director of Scientific Research Office Wang Bingfuattended the lecture along with more than 100 teachers.

Logical, precise and humorous, Professor Wu offered his insights on confusion and countermeasures of art scientific and research works, how to interpret scientific and research assessment index and how to choose the topics of scientific and research projects. The lecture was enlightening and targeted and of great significance. It drew a clear distinction between different concepts, made clear the root causes and pointed the direction for teachers to carry out scientific and research activities.

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