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CAS Academician Yuan Yaxiang Visited the Memorial Hall of Mao Zedong and Hunan First Normal School

On the morning of January 9th, academician Yuan Yaxiang, a researcher of Mathematics and Systemic Science Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Science and the honorary president of Chinese Operational Research Council, accompanied by our vice-principal Tong Xiaojiao, visited the memorial hall of Mao Zedong and Hunan First Normal School. The commentator briefed them the stories that Mao studied and worked in Hunan First Normal School and the revolutions he engaged in. Tong Xiaojiao s our refined traditions and the measures we took as well as the progress we achieved in teachers training and the versatile talents cultivation of primary education.

Born in Zixing City, Hunan Province in January, 1960, academician Yuan Yaxiang graduated from the Mathematics Department of Xiangtan University, got the doctorate degree in Cambridge University, Britain in 1986 and was elected as CAS academian in 2011. Yuan won many awards, to name a few, “The State Natural Science Award”, “China Youth Scientists Award”, “Feng Kang Scientific Computing Award” and “International Numerical Analysis Youth Award”.

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