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Prof. Mark Schofield of the Edge Hill University Was Invited to Give Lectures in Our School

Prof. Mark Schofield, provost of the Edge Hill University, director of Teaching and Development Center, laureate of “ Excellent Teacher of Commonwealth Nations” was invited to give lectures in our school on the afternoon of 6th January. School leaders, teachers and students attended the lecture.

As an expert of the project “Overseas Top Teachers” in our school, Prof. Mark Schofield came to give lectures and would stay for 10 days. Before the lecture, we held a brief welcoming ceremony hosted by vice principal Liu xianghong. After that, vice principal Tong Xiaojiao introduced the achievements of Prof.Mark and on behalf of the school, principal Xiao Xiangyu invited Prof. Mark to work as the guest professor of Hunan First Normal University.

After the ceremony, Prof. Mark Schofield gave an academic lecture on "Teaching and Learning in Higher Education". The lecture focused on problems of teaching and learning found in higher education nowadays. Prof. Mark introduced contemporary higher education in the U.K., the differences between “active learning” and “passive learning” and the design and implementation of teaching process. Prof. Mark Schofield conveyed his ideas and thoughts through splendid language skills and insightful viewpoints, so that a warm atmosphere was present with active interactions between the lecturer and audience. Prof. Mark impressed teachers and students with his wisdom, profound knowledge, and wonderful language skills.

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