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Expert Conference Was Held on the Building of Digital Campus

Expert conference on the building of digital campus was held in the conference room of Administration Building on 31th December, 2014. Prof. Shi Gang, Director of Network Center of Wuhan University was invited to the conference. Shao Chun in Finance Department, Zhou Daqing in Assets Department, He Peisen in Party Administrative Office, Zhu Chengxue and Peng Shanqiong in Modern Education Technology Center attended the conference. Tong Xiaojiao, the vice principal hosted the meeting.

Zhu Chengxue and Li Xinming from Modern Education Technology Center introduced current situation of campus networks, investigation situation in universities and enterprises, digital campus construction plan and ideas on the building of a digital campus. Experts had an efficient and in-depth discussion over the aim, fund raising, technical experience and skills of digital campus building. Moreover, they put forward the idea of “a network, a database, a card”, suggesting that we should drive the “a card for all” system. Only by this way can we fully upgrade the major campus networks, re-construct the central computer room, set up the database center to realize the goal of overall coverage of the campus wireless network and the access and purchase of application system step by step. All these efforts were to built our school as an information-oriented university.

Experts at the conference proposed three suggestions on the school’s information construction. First and foremost is to further improve leadership skills and second is to increase the fund input. Last but not the least, to further strengthen the use of the advanced techniques such as virtualization, cloud computing, large-volume data.

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