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Campus Culture

Today the culture is becoming increasingly an important source of national cohesiveness and creativity. It is also becoming a key factor to gain an edge in overall national strength competition. To enrich our spiritual and cultural lives is a desire of the people in China. Being an important role in the development of the Socialist culture, campus culture is the spiritual value which is created and passed on by the faculty staff and students and also the cornerstone of the existence and development of a university. HFNU has splendid history and culture, which is renowned as “A millenarian academy and a centennial normal university”. Inheriting and advocating the fine traditions of HFNU and building harmonious campus culture with the characteristics of the times is the basic requirement of cultivating the qualified builders and successors of socialist cause, an important condition to develop and strengthen HFNU, and the common mission of teachers and students.

The development of campus culture means to develop spiritual culture, system culture, academic culture, and image culture in HFNU.

Spiritual culture

The spiritual culture is composed of the educational principles, school spirits, mottos, anthem, teaching and learning performances. The educational principles are the fundamental guiding principles taking the initiative in the building of school culture, and the school spirits are to further improve it. As the spirit and soul of the HFNU, along with the school mottos, they are relatively stable ideals, beliefs, pursuits stemming from long-term efforts of faculty members. We should encourage teachers and students to make deep observations to them, in order to add practical stuff to spiritual culture. To strengthen the spiritual culture we should make the spirits everywhere so that we can find them in school scenic spots, promotion mediums, the awareness of teachers and students, and actions.

We should highlight the educational principles, cultivate and carry forward the school spirits with great strides. Likewise, we should enable faculty members to keep the school mottos in mind, and have the educational principles, school spirits and mottos passed on from one generation to another. We should on the one hand, bring our spirits and the brilliant history into full play and on the other, learn from other universities the spiritual essence and educational principles. Besides, we need to make full advantage of the dominate role of teachers and students, the successor of school spirits. We should promote and popularize the Chinese Socialism system, and build the core value system of socialism. Still, we need rich our connotation of school spirits, and build a shared spiritual haven for teachers and students.

System culture

Being an inseparable part of school culture, system culture is a basic condition to run and manage a school. It guides, restrains and sets standards. To develop system culture we need to embody the mission of HFNU, stick to the people-centered principle, insist on educating people first, pay attention to scientization, standardization and humanization, improve innovation, passionately explore and establish modern university system, which relates to the demands of the times. We should continue to improve the ability of running a school in a democratic manner and managing a school according to laws and regulations. We should focus on the development of a democratic, scientific, efficient and harmonious system culture, improve systems and form a self-development and self-restraint operating mechanism.

Academic Culture

Academic culture constitutes the fundamental part of campus culture and it is an important reflection of the overall strength of HFNU. In order to highlight school’s academic features and cultivate more innovative talents, we shall enhance the academic morality development, and create an environment which values innovation and truths as well as a desirable and harmonious academic research atmosphere. Moreover, we should reinforce the academic communications, enrich academic activities and strengthen technological innovation and teamwork works, facilitating the intersections among disciplines.

Image Culture

Image culture is HFNU’s image to the public as well as the campus environment. It is a display of campus culture and material culture, reflecting school’s cultural taste and style and has direct relation to school’s teaching environment, reputation and social influence. To develop image culture we should embody not only school’s solemnity and vitality but also its characteristics and style. In addition, schooling philosophy and campus spirit are to be reflected also. In order to create a wonderful environment to help teachers and students’ studies, works, lives and entertainments, excellent environmental culture is to be built based on the principle of green, elegance, beauty and harmony.

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