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Hunan Provincial Education Department Examined HNFNU’s “Top Leadership Project”

On November 10, a panel of 6 experts of Hunan Provincial Education Department came to HNFNU to examine the "Top Leadership Project", a project to boost the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates.

The panel carried out an on-site inspection of the College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, and asked randomly-selected faculty members to fill in questionnaires. Subsequently, the experts held interviews with the faculty and students, verified particular information via phone call, checked relevant materials and etc., through which they formed an objective and comprehensive understanding of the employment and entrepreneurship of HNFNU graduates.

In the afternoon, a feedback conference was held during which Yang Keyi, the representative of the group, provided some advice. He appreciated and spoke highly of the employment and entrepreneurship of HNFNU.

President Tong Xiaojiao said that she would take this opportunity to earnestly implement the suggestions of the panel, further carry forward the achievements and correct the deficiencies, so as to promote the employment and entrepreneurship to a new level.

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