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HNFNU Co-organized the 18th Annual Conference of the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

In early Novermber, the 18th Annual Conference of The China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics was held in Changsha city. As the highest level and largest event of industrial and applied mathematics in China, the conference attracted 10 academicians and more than 1600 experts, scholars, and enterprise representatives both at home and abroad. It was sponsored by the China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, a first-level national society, and co-organized by HNFNU and 8 other institutions. 7 HNFNU faculty members, including the president, Tong Xiaojiao, attended the grand meeting.

During the conference, more than 670 academic reports were delivered. Both the number of participants and the number of presented reports were the highest ever. The conference covered the latest achievements not only in applied mathematics, but also in the cross-application of mathematics with physics, mechanics, biology, medicine, economy, environment, finance, aerospace, materials, manufacturing, transportation and other fields, fully revealing the importance of mathematics as a basic discipline.

HNFNU is the standing member of CSIAM, with 50 registered professors. During the conference, 17 students from HNFNU School of Mathematics and Computational Science offered voluntary services.

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