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2018 Welcome Party Held by Chengnan Academy

On October 31st,the 2018 welcome party of Chengnan Academy is grandly held in the great hall .Leaders Peng Xiaoq and Liu Zhimin, and teacher representatives and the class of 2018 freshmen watch the evening party.

The evening party starts by singing two songs,named Under the Silver Moonlight and Song of the Communist Youth League.80 vigorous students in school uniforms show energetic appearance of contemporary young students. The beautiful melody and excellent performance of the folk song Miracle showed by the students demonstrate their artistic culture.

The dance team of art troupe wins a lot applause from the audience for their graceful performance of Hanging Red Lanterns.A modern dance medley with beats of youth called Soui show the vitality and passion of the students .

The evening party ends with a play,Broadcasting Station of Youth,by the teachers and students. The teachers and students all sing the song—Looking Up At the Starry Sky,to express their unlimited expectations and best wishes for all freshmen.

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