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Art Education Majors of HNFNU Do Well in Basic Abilities Demonstration(2018)

On October 31st , the exhibition of basic skills of art undergraduates in general universities across the country , sponsored by the Ministry of Education , comes to an ends in Hangzhou Normal University. This activity aims at implementing president Xi’s important speech including further deepening the reform of Fine Arts Education Specialty in universities and promoting the teaching qualities of it in universities to motivate art education’s majors to be qualified aesthetic teachers and improve their aesthetic and humanistic qualities and teaching abilities in art.

54 universities,including China Academy of Art, participate the activity and Hunan Province recommends two Hunan universites to take part in it. Three students selected from 2015 art(normal) six-year majors represent HNFNU to take part in this activity.

The activity includs five programs: Mini-lecture, Self-collection Painting, Three-dimensional manual, Collective Collection and Calligraphy. It establishes three kinds of awards: School Group Award, Individual All-around award and Individual Award. The rate of winning the School Group Award is lower than 50%, and of Individual Award is lower than 10%.

This election is a splendid event in the history of discipline construction of HNFNU and will certainly promote the university’s characteristics and connotation development.It also improves the discipline construction level and quality of cultivating talents of HNFNU.

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