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HFNU Holds 2018 Voluntary Services Achievement Exhibition

On Oct 19th, theVoluntary ServicesActivity Exhibition is held in Guo Ji Square. Peng Xiaoqi,Liu Zhimin, and other leaders attend this activity and give some guidance.

With well-crafted boards and posters, 24voluntary teams show their activity comprehensively. All the team members are in high spirits and share their experiences and harvest with teachers and students who come to have a view. Some of the teams try to enrich the content of the exhibition by playing the video and dancing. The exhibition appeals a batch of students to visit and study, which makes the scene crowded and lively.

In the summer of 2018, HFNU selects 429 students and divides them into 24 voluntary teams. 29 teachers lead them to carry out 10 to 25 days Voluntary Services at some remote villages. These teams recruit almost 100 classes, which benefit 2621 children left-behind in rural areas. The Voluntary Services of HFNU is reported by many mainstream media, such as People's Network and China Youth Network.

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