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Primary School Attached to HFNU have Attained Great Achievements Again in Hunan 3rd Go Team Championship (Primary School)

Lately,Hunan 3rd Go Team Championship(Primary School)has been held in Xiangtan Shuguang Primary School.

The team, composing of the fifth dan players------Liu Lianwangpan, Huang Zitai, Wang Yizhuo and the fourth dan player------Liu Tengyang, comes from the First Primary School Attached to HFNU. And the team has won the champion by five wins and two draws.This school, after having won the champion twice, has the honor to receive it again. And, the Second Primary School Attached to HFNU has won the 3rdprize. On personal prizes, Huang Zitai and Wang Yizhuo, coming from the First Primary School Attached to HFNU, the former is awarded the best second table player and the latter is awarded the best fourth table player. Xie Fangwei, coming from the Second is awarded the best first table player.The Championship is hosted by the First Primary School Attached to HFNU and co-organized by the Ministry of Basic Education Development.

There are 104 players, which are come from 26 teams of 10 cities in this championship. Yu Bin, a professional ninth dan player, the world champion and head coach of the Chinese Go Team, and Ou Lixin, the minister of the Basic Education Development Department awarded those who have attained prizes as the special guest.

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