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Vice President of UNNU Visits HFNU

On Nov.25th, Astrakhantceva Irina, vice president of UNNU (Ulyanovsk National Normal University), with 2 UNNU’s officials visits HFNU .

On Nov. 26th,PresidentTong meets the visiting group at the meeting room.Warm welcome is extended byPresidentTong, HFNU’s OICE (Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges) and other HFNU’s departments’officials. Issues are heated discussed about co-building Chinese teaching center, attending 2019“language festival”hosted by UNNU and bilaterally sending exchange language teachers etc. Irina sincerely invites HFNU’s teachers and students to UNNU for teaching Chinese, learning languages, acts and physical education.

Officials of School of Foreign languages of HFNU and the visiting group have deep discussions about exchange students and teachers.They also interact with HFNU’s students who are willing to take Russian as their selected course.After discussion,the visiting group watches calligraphy class, concerts and Chinese folk dances performed by students of the School of Music and Dance at Manlun Concert Hall.

Ulyanovsk State is the homeland of Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov),which has a long history.Hunan province has established a close relationship with Ulyanovsk state.In Dec.2016,HFNU built a cooperation relationship with UNNU.In June,2017, visiting group of HFNU went to UNNU for reaching agreement of exchange teachers and students,which deepens the cooperation between the two universities.

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