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Seventh Promotion of Opera Art in Campus Held in Zebra Lake Primary School

On October 30th, the 7th Promotion of Campus Culture's Entry into Community and Traditional Opera in Campus was,under the theme of 2018 "Happy Xiaoxiang Quality Changsha",held in Zebra Lake Primary School attached to Hunan First Normal University.

This activity commenced with the dance—Our Chinese Dream.Pan Yong,the headmaster from Zebra Lake primary school,delivered a glowing speech.In this school,spectacular performances of Beijing operas,presented by professional actors and student Volunteers, feasted your eyes .

Many honorary titles were bestowed.

This activity is meant for promoting the spirit of the important speech delivered by Xi Jinping,General Secretary,in the meeting over literary work.More over,it is aimed at enriching campus life,inheriting excellent Opera Culture and promoting socialist core values.

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