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National Characteristic MajorPrimary Education (Pilot Project of Comprehensive Specialty Reform )

The Bachelor of Elementary Education was based on the profound literary accomplishment and excellent teaching traditions,it’s one of the firstly setting majors after our college’ upgrade.This major has sets a talent cultivation mode of“comprehensive cultivation,multiple-sided development”,which takes it as its teaching goal that “cultivating the primary teacher”and sets the theory that”Student oriented management with Self-development.

The primary school education major in our school has two course systems which is the high school starting point for a four-year undergraduate and junior high school starting point for a sixth-year undergraduate. The school focus on the cultivation of at public expense orientation , and has carried on the bold innovation and reform on high-quality primary school teacher training .

The primary school education of tuition free normal university students training mode, especially junior high school starting point, six years of primary school teachers with bachelor degree at public expense orientation training mode as a great creation of the free normal education, In 2013,the school has become the national education system reform demonstration projects and the one of the 16 national demonstration projects.

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