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Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Lectured at HNFNU

On the afternoon of October 30th at HNFNU,Ya-xiang Yuan, academician of The Chinese Academy of Sciences,gave an academic lecture entitled "On Mathematics". More than 300 faculty and students attended this lecture.

Prof.Yuan led in with the origin of the International Day of Mathmatics ─ March 14 was chosen as the date for the IDM because it was already celebrated in many countries as Pi Day, based on the fact that the mathematical constant Pi can be rounded to 3.14 ─ and the history of Pi. His lecture centered around five key features of mathematics, namely, beauty, truth, delight, difficulty and wit, which he illustrated with vivid and straightforward examples. At the end, Prof.Yuan stressed the essential role of math in our life. "Mathematics is everywhere", he said. As the guide and foundation for human knowledge, math is not only closely related to reality, but also serves as a powerful device to tackle problems.

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