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UTRGV Delegation Visits HFNU

From November 10th to 15th, Patricia Alvarez McHatton(Executive Vice-president of UTRGV),Alma Rodriguez(Dean of Education School), Steven Block(Dean of Art School) and Cynthia Yu(International Exchange Center) visited HFNU.

On November 12th, President Tong and other officials meet McHatton and his delegation in the conference room. President Tong appreciates the visiting program between HFNU and UTRGV. McHatton believes that the visiting teachers and students of HFNU in the past two years have played a positive role in promoting the international exchange work of UTRGV. Rodriguez and Block respectively discussed matters such as former-education doctors' investigation in Hunan Province and art-performance students' holding concerts in HFNU. They believe that there will be a lasting friendship between HFNU and UTRGV.

During the visit, McHatton delivers a series of special lectures and participates in the 6th International Symposium on Textbooks and makes an academic report entitled "The Text Book Challenge". McHatton and his delegation also communicate with Education Science School and the Art and Design School respectively.

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