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2nd Chinese Character Writing Final Contest Held in School of Literature and Journalism

On the evening of December 4th, the finals of the 2nd Chinese Character Writing Contest of the School of Literature and Journalism was held in the TeLi Building Experimental Theater. Many teachers and students attended.Hu Zixian and Zhou Yuan, two teachers of Linguistics Teaching and Research Office, served as judges.

After nearly a month’s competition, eight contestants entered the finals. The finals include four parts: individual contest,challenge promotion event, contention for runner-up and championship competition. Though the contest is very challenging, all participants performed wonderfully.

Finally, Li Ping won the first prize; Zhang Xin and Zhou Mengyuan won the second prize; Sun Yue, Zeng Lingli and Sun Yuedie won the third prize; Zeng Lingli won the "Best popularity Award". And in the non-professional group, Yan Qiaoyu won the first prize and Li Xin won the second prize.

By sharing the beauty and experiencing the interests of Chinese characters, this contest enables students to feel the wisdom and feelings of the ancients and inspires students to learn Chinese characters and traditional culture enthusiastically.

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