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International Exchange at a Glance

Hunan First Normal University has made every effort to facilitate international collaborative programs and exchanges as a way to further the education internationalization. Up to now, HNFNU has formed partnerships with 19 colleges and universities beyond China. Various forms of exchange and collaborative programs are carried out successfully with achievements. Over the past five years,518 of our faculty and students have studied or carried out research abroad, and more than 600 university leaders, scholars, and students from other countries have visited HNFNU.

Currently, our faculty has access to a wide repertoire of programs to gain international experience, such as China Scholarship Council projects, scholarship under Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Programs funded by HNFNU, and so on. Over the past five years, more than 200 of our faculty have made academic visit to America, Canada, Britain, Russia, France, Australia, Thiland, Korea, Malaysia etc., gaining a global perspective in their field of study, and contributing to the global strategy and engagement of HNFNU.

In collaboration with our global partners, HNFNU has embarked a variety of programs to help our students connect with the world, including student exchange programs, international summer camps, the Volunteer Chinese Teachers Program,the project of Summer Work & Travel USA and the Program of Academic Visit to Hong Kong. Over the past five years, 300 students have studied or worked as interns abroad. These programs havenot only broadened our students' international horizons, but also promotedthe internationalization of HNFNU.

In recent years, HNFNU hosted more than 40 delegations from 14 countries or regions, including those of our partner colleges and universities, of BRICS Sherpa, of Confucius Institutes,and of Hong Kong & Macao’s high school or college students.Through global engagement, such as holding international conferences/events, HNFNU has invited more than 40 renowned overseas scholars to give a series of academic lectures, which have contributed to the university’s internationalized culture atmosphere.

Beautiful HNFNU is open to the world. We're looking forward to the cooperation with you.

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