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Scientific Research Platform (Scientific Research Department)

Construction of Scientific Research Platform

Since the upgrade, construction of the scientificresearchplatform hasmadegreatstrides based ontheneedsofdisciplineconstructionandtalents cultivation. Currently HNFNU has 18 Scientific research bases in all, including two Hunan Provincial Social Science Research Bases,one key Hunan Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Research Basefor Specialized Colleges and Universities, one Hunan Provincial Base for the Key Laboratory Cultivation,three Hunan Provincial Educational Science Research Bases, one Education Department Colleges and Universities’ Innovation Platform, two National Excellent Humanities and Social Science Popularization Bases, one Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Popularization base,five University Research Institutes and two Science and Technology Innovative Teams of Hunan Universities.

PrimarySchoolTeacherEducationandthestudyofyouthMaoZedongisthestudycharacteristicin HNFNU. In2012,the key "PrimarySchoolTeacherEducationResearchBase"ofHunanProvincialPhilosophyandSocialSciencesof the Specialized Colleges and Universities had settledinHNFNU.To inherit and develop the fine tradition of One-Hundred-Year Normal, the Base has continuously cultivated high-quality teachers with high diploma for the primary education. What’s more, it has created a favorable environment of the primary teacher education theory instruction and technological service for Hunan Province and China. In 2010, “Hunan Provincial Youth Mao Zedong Research Base” ofHunan Provincial Social Science Research Bases had been founded in HNFNU and has obtained a series of important research achievements. The Base relies on the background of HNFNU as the Alma Mater of Mao Zedong and the breeding cradle of China Communist Party and the unique historical position of Youth Mao Zedong Memorial, which is the Key National Historical Relics Unit, National Humanities Social Science Popularization Base, National Patriotism Education Demonstration Base, National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot.Education technology is the advantageous discipline in HNFNU. In 2013, Research and Application of Key Technology in Children’s Virtual Interactive Learning Environment Based on Web 3D fromScience and Technology Innovative Teams of Hunan Universitieshad been approved with Excellence-Class awarded by experts board from Hunan Education Department.

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