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Professor Li Zhengliang from Hunan University Invited to Give Lecture at our School

On the afternoon of March 30th, at the invitation of School of Literature and Journalism, Secretary-General of National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students in Hunan Sub-Division, Vice President of Hunan Advertising Association, Professor Li Zhengliang from School of Film and Television Arts of Hunan University, delivered an academic lecture “Creative Imagination About Advertisement Idea” in the technical building. The lecture was hosted by She Xiangjun,dean of School of Literature and Journalism .

First Professor Li Zhengliang analyzed and explained the characteristics, requirements and methods of large-scale works.

And then combining with cases, he shared his practical experiences and research results on film and television advertising production, radio advertising creation, advertising planning and other aspects .

During the lecture, Professor Li interspersed with some excellent works of the previous competition, and invited teachers and students to express their views.

During the Q&A session, teachers and students here ask some questions on the rules, selection criteria and other aspects of the National Advertising Art Design Competition for College Students.

And Professor Li Zhengliang gave specific answers to their questions. Finally, Professor Li Zhengliang encouraged our students to actively participate the competition with "it is not hard to win prizes, participation is already a major step”.

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