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School of Art and Design

The HNFNU School of Art and Design has a long history. We have extraordinary people studied and worked here, like Zhang Shi, Zeng Guofan, Zuo Zongtang, Hu Linyi , Zhang Guoji, Tan Yankan, Wang Xiangqian and He Shaoji.

There are 59 teaching and administrative staff members in our school, including 50 full-time teachers and 9 management and experiment staff. 48 of them have master degrees and 2 have doctors degrees. The teachers whose degree age and origin of learning is competent and reasonably structured are from the elite schools of CAFA, China Academy of Art, Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Art, Central South University, Hunan University and Hunan Normal University. It is a team of innovation in teaching creation and scientific research.

The professional teaching and training area is more than 6000㎡. We have fine education environment and teaching facilities. The teaching equipment is worthy of 3.77 million yuan.

The school is equipped with good quality monitoring and supervision system. The employment rate of graduates in our school is over 90%. The number of students pursuing postgraduates degrees increases year by year, many of them have been admitted by famous universities such as the University of Montpellier, Russia’s st. Potersburg Public College, Capital Normal University, Beijing Institute of Printing, Guangdong Academy of fine arts, Hubei Academy of fine arts, Central South University, Shen Zhen University, Northwest Normal University, Hunan Normal University and so on.

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