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The HNFNU School of Business was founded in June 2014, formerly known as Department of Economics and Management, covering the Economics and the Management disciplines. We have five undergraduate majors, including the Public Administration, Accounting, Tourism Management, International Economy and Trade, Marketing. There are five teaching and research branches and three administrative offices.

Business School now has a well-structured and highly-quality teaching team. We have 60 faculty members, including 51 full-time teachers, 9 management personnel. There are 6 professors and 19 associate professors, 10 teachers with PhD degree and 11 teachers are pursuing PhD degrees. Besides, there are 7 part-time teachers,3 visiting professors.

Business School now has abundant practical training rooms and labs. Chinese and Western Restaurant Serving Lab, the Tea Art Lab, Tour Guiding Lab, Computerized Accounting Lab, to name a few. We also have lots of teaching software and sets of office automation equipment, to help experiment teaching.

Business School attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' professional quality and operational skills. Students are required to do graduate internship in places such as first-class hotels, travel agencies or tourist attraction agencies, retail chain enterprises, real estate companies, street community, culture media, modern service enterprises, etc.

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