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School of Foreign Languages

In 2008, the Department of Foreign Language enrolled the first group of English major students. In April 2012, it passed the provincial English Bachelor degree assessment and obtained the rights of authorizing the bachelor's degree. In June 2014, it was renamed as the School of Foreign Languages.

We have 3 administrative offices--the office of the Party and Administration, Teaching Affairs Office and the Office of Students Affairs. Besides, we have 7 teaching braches.

The School now has majors in English (teacher-oriented major, non-teacher-oriented major and six-year college education from junior high (English direction) )and Translation. There are 2228 students in school.

The School of Foreign Languages now has a well-structured faculty team. Its reputation is well-known both due to the outstanding staff members and the excellent students. We employ 3-4 foreign teachers each year.

It also has superior teaching conditions with lots of experimental teaching and learning software and complete sets of English Language Practice on line, to enrich the content of experiment teaching. The library has more than 8 thousand copies of professional books and over 30 newspaper and journals.

Now we have established cooperation ties with Suranaree University of Technology, Kyongggi University and Sehan University on the exchange of teachers and students. Not far from the future, we will also cooperate with other foreign universities, such as the Harding University in USA and the University of Canberra in Australia, etc.

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