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School of Literature and Journalism

The HNFNU School of Literature and Journalism can be traced back to 1903. After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, it developed quickly. In 1992, our school opened the Art class major in elementary education for the junior college students, which was one of the first 29 pilot schools of Chinese teachers’ training for primary school as a junior college. The major of Chinese education has been offered. In 2008, it took the initiatives to adapt to the basic education development and reform, adhered to the "cultivation of high-quality primary and secondary school teachers of Chinese language" as the main direction of running a school; adapt to the demands of the local economic development, proper addition of other major, etc. In 2008, the Chinese language and literature major was opened and in 2011, the major of teaching Chinese as a foreign language was offered (later renamed the Chinese International Education).In 2012, the Radio and Television major started. Recent in 2015, the Internet and New Media network major was opened.

There are 1805 students in the school now, including 1496 students major in Chinese Education, 198 major in the Chinese International Education and 111 of them are in Radio and Television. We have 83 faculty and staff members in total, 74 full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 14.9% of the number of full-time teachers, 21 associate professors, accounting for 28.4% of the number of full-time teachers, teachers with senior professional titles accounted for 43.3% of the number of full-time teachers, 8 Doctors, 6 PhD and 58 masters. Master or teacher accounted for the number of full-time teachers 87.8%.

We have 1 provincial-level featured major--the Chinese Language and Literature, and 1 provincial excellent teaching and research room -- primary school Chinese textbook teaching department, 3 provincial excellent courses--elementary school language cultural and educational theory applied writing and teacher spoken language, 1 university key discipline construction, 1 Colonel specialties, 1 excellent teaching team at university-level,4 university-level excellent courses.

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