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School of Education Science

Education Science Department was first established in 2002, and then renamed as the School of Education Science in 2014. During this period, it established a great deal of majors such as three-year form of elementary education, applied psychology, psychological counseling, pre-school education, science and education and five-year form elementary education after junior school and then graduating with college degree. Four-year form education of primary school, psychology, pre-school education, science and education after high school and six-year form of education of primary school after junior school and then graduating with bachelor degree. What’s more, the cultivation of rural primary school teachers of five-year form graduating with college degree, which first launched in the domestic in 2006, of four-year form after high school launched in 2008 and of six-year form after junior school launched in 2010, are all walk in the forefront of the cultivation of the domestic oriented elementary school teachers with public expenses.

We have set the Office of the Party Administration Office, the Office of Science and Education, and the Office of Students’ Affairs. Meanwhile, we have 4 teaching and research sections, 2 research institutions and an experimental teaching center. There are 101 staff, 17 of them are professor, 28 of them are associate professors, there are 83 staff who have a master's or higher degree, which accounts for 82.2% of the total number of the teachers, among these persons, 25 of them are doctor. 36 of the staff are under the age of 35, accounting for 35.6%; 54 are 35 years old to 50 years old, accounting for 53.5%. Our teaching group is a young energetic well-educated high-quality team.

The teachers in our school insist on educational reform and scientific research and have got great achievements. In recent years, they’ve won more than 10 provincial-level or above provincial level awards from their researches, delivered over 320 papers, published textbooks and monographs no less than 30 sections. Primary school education teaching and researching office, psychological teaching and researching office, and science and education teaching and researching office have been awarded as “Excellent teaching and researching office”.

School of Education Science possesses a range of library and teaching experimental equipment. Reference room collects professional books nearly 10,000 volumes, and the total value of the experimental equipment is $5.4 million. Our school owns not only multimedia classroom, micro-standard classroom, language lab, dancing room, piano room, calligraphy classroom but also a series of professional labs, which can meet the different needs of our professional teaching and researching.

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