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School of Sports

The HNFNU School of Sports was founded in 2005 and now has one undergraduate major in sports education. The school has more than 600 full-time undergraduate students. We have 3 teaching and research branches. The school won the title of the Advanced Work Unit which was awarded by Hunan provincial government in 2008.

The school aims to have students to have moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic all-round development.

There are 54 staff in this school, including 5 professors, 11 associate professors, a national-level referees, 26 first-level referees. 269 students graduated from the school and the employment rate was over 95%.

School of Sports has a 4800m2sports training hall, seven 120m-long indoor plastic running tracks, a 400 m-standard outdoor plastic track, 12 outdoor basketball playgrounds, 4 outdoor plastic tennis courts and 2 outdoor volleyball courts.

School of Sports attaches great importance to course development and teaching and scientific research. We have published more than 100 academic theses, more than 40 theses are published in Sports Science, Journal of Beijing Sports University, The Journal of Sports.

School of Sports has wonderful performance in competition. In 2014, we won 8 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 6 pieces of copper ones in the Tenth Hunan Province University Games.

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