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Chengnan Academy

Chengnan Academy, named from Ancient Changsha Chengnan Academy, is one of the secondary colleges of Hunan First Normal University. The Ancient Cheng Nan Academy, where Zhangshi and Zhuxi gave lectures, located in Miao Gao Mountain, was established in Shao Xing 31 year ( 1161 AD) by famous scholars Zhangshi and his father Zhangjun in the Southern Song Dynasty.

After many changes, it evolved into the famous Hunan First Normal University. With the development of the First Normal University, the main body of the school has been moved to the new section---- Dongfanghong campus in Sep. 2004.

In Aug. 2006, the Chengnan Academy (the old campus) established the primary education college,specialized in “ specific programs on 5-year college level directional cultivation of rural elementary teachers starting at junior school ”, provided a large pool of excellent, effective, and rest reassured primary teachers for the countries and cities all over the nation rooted in grass-roots. At present, many of the graduates have become the middle and senior leader of the local schools, some even be transferred to be the leaders of the country education department.

In 2010, as the first reformer of cultivating rural elementary teachers, our university enrolled “6-year directional normal students of undergraduate level rural elementary teachers starting from junior school” facing the whole province.

In Jun. 2011, the Primary Education College and the original Education Science Department were merged into the new Education Science Department, of which including the run of Dongfanghong Campus and the Chengnan Academy, the later was in charge of the first two years’ cultivation of the 6-year directional normal students.

In Sep.2014, the School Party decided to separate to originate Education Science Department from the Cheng Nan Academy, established the new Cheng Nan Academy that specialized in the charge of the directional normal students’ first two years’ cultivation and management at public expense in order to inherit and carry forward the normal education’s good tradition presence, explore the Ancient Cheng Nan Academy’s history and cultural resources, and improve the work level of the 6-year public expense directional normal students’ cultivation and management.

The new Chengnan Academy is equipped with Office of Party and Government Affairs, Education and Science Office, Student Management Office, Experimental Management Department, Psychological Counseling Room and two sections (music, dance and art teaching research). There are 44 faculties in this college, including 6 professors and associate professors, 4 doctors and 31 masters. It is a young union full of force.

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