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The Opening Ceremony of“To be the Most Beautiful Lei Feng Style Policewomen” Campaign and the Marc...

On the afternoon of March 7th, Changsha Public Security Bureau held opening ceremony “To be the Most Beautiful Lei Feng Style Policewomen” Campaign and March 8thgala in our school. It pushed learning from Lei Feng’s activities in our school to a new high.

The purpose of this activity is to carry forward the Lei Feng spirit, select a batch of advanced and Lei Feng style policewoman, vigorously promote their dedication to duties. It was also to motivate the female police to see Lei Feng spirit as benchmark, to serve the people heart and soul, to inspire more profound understanding of Lei Feng's spirit, strengthen the social responsibility and the sense of mission. We should start from small things to pass on and practice the Lei Feng spirit.

Deputy Mayor of Changsha city, Party Secretary and head of Public Security Bureau Tang Xiangyang delivered a speech in the opening ceremony and announced the start. The show got huge applauses and cheers.

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